2018 Direct Primary Care Summit

Indianapolis, IN

Direct Primary Care Summit, July 13-15, 2018, Indianapolis
Direct Primary Care Summit 18

Thank you for attending the 2018 DPC Summit!

Indianapolis, IN

Approved for 15.50 AAFP Prescribed and AOA Category 1-A Credits.

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Deliver exceptional care. On your terms.

Tired of complicated health care?

Mounds of paperwork?

Limited time with patients?

If so, the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model is for you!

Whether you’re new to DPC, ready to scale your practice, or have already transitioned to the DPC model, the 2018 DPC Summit has answers to your questions.

Join us to network with like-minded peers and learn from a host of recognized DPC thought leaders waiting to show you scaled success from their own thriving DPC practices. Between introductory courses and sessions for converted practices, there’s something for everyone.

Donate and Inspire

Our scholarship fund sponsors medical students and residents so they can learn about DPC at the Summit.

Interested in exhibiting at the Summit?
For 2019 opportunities, please contact Courtney Sleypen at (913) 906-6000 ext. 4103 or email: csleypen@aafp.org.



Call: (800) 274-2237 or email: dpc@aafp.org

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